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Simplify your creative workflow and ease your Illustrator frustrations. Learn the right tools to use in Adobe Illustrator and the best way to use them to increase your skill set, create more faster and free up time so you can focus on what you do best.

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A place that simplifies Adobe Illustrator so you can focus on what you do best!

Monawerks is about helping you gain the skill-set and confidence needed to reach your creative goals. Our online courses for creative solopreneurs were built from experience, skills and tips gathered over years of extensively using Adobe Illustrator both professionally and personally. Our goal is to help you achieve the creative outcomes you desire quickly and efficiently.

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Monawerks is about teaching, motivating and empowering creative people like you with technical knowledge so you can quickly and confidently reach your creative goals.


You can make it happen!


Improve your skills and find the motivation to conquer your creative challenges.


Build your confidence and software skills with easy to follow video courses.


Learn some new tricks. Level up your design skills, speed up your work flow and bring your creative ideas to life.


Find inspiration with new tips, tricks and techniques that will get you into the creative flow.

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Save Time with Reusable Live Text Effects in Adobe Illustrator

A fun course that teaches you step by step how to work with the Appearance Panel to create colorful text effects in a fun and non-destructive way.

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