About Monawerks


Hello, I am Simona Pfreundner (my friends all call me Mona) and I am the founder and chief designer of Monawerks. I am a trained graphic artist with a passion for the craft & a desire to produce extraordinary works for people with a need for art. When I am not designing a new packaging, label or logo, I create illustrations and instruct with tutorials (vectortwist.com), online courses (Pluralsight), class room teaching and one on one tutoring. Originally from Germany, I now reside in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and love it almost as much as home.. sub-zero temperatures excluded.

Driven by Passion

I love what I do. It’s that simple. Delivering exceptional work is my primary goal. I value quality over quantity and always seek out challenges, simply because they help us grow in every aspect. The goal is solving a problem through effective design.

Graphic Design Services

It all starts with an idea, a story to tell. Here is where I can help you bring your idea to life. Together we will develop a comprehensive design and we’ll deliver customized visuals.

I specialize in following mediums:

  • Label Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Logo Design

The soul never thinks without an image ~ Aristotle


If you are looking for a reliable, respectful and honest group of creatives that care about the results and positive experiences with clients and consumers, please get in contact with me.


Thanks for stopping by!