Innovative Packaging Design

Innovative Package Design

When we think of packaging, we often overlook the importance it has in communicating the product value and how it gets protected by it. Packaging design helps the consumer to identity the product and create emotions at the same time, and let’s not forget the importance of standing out from the competition. But what about innovative package design? What does it really mean?

Innovative packaging design is nothing else than creating something in a different way. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to shift our perspective and approach a design project in a new way.

I had the pleasure to create another course for Pluralsight called “Innovative Package Design Theory”. In the course we’ll learn all about innovative package design, what it is and how we can come up with new ideas and concepts in order to develop a truly engaging and innovative package.


I had so much fun creating this course, from theory to an actual design concept and here are a few subjects that are covered in the course:

• How to stimulate creativity

• How to shift perspective

• Explore form & function of packaging

• Design for maximum impact

• Minimal design and sustainability

My goal with this course is to help you understand innovative packaging design, how to discover extra layers of your creativity and how to apply it to your own projects.

Start designing a product package that is more fun, memorable and adds a better user experience. 

Innovative Packaging Design
Innovative Package Design Theory