BromelinHR Consulting
Logo Design
Brand Identity

The Project

Bromelin HR Consulting, a leading human resources consultancy, underwent a brand identity transformation to better reflect their company values, expertise, and dedication to providing exceptional HR solutions. The project involved creating a new logo identity that would serve as a visual representation of the company’s mission and unique approach to HR consulting.

The Feel & Tone

Collaborative – Approachable – Inclusive – Empowering – Efficient – Strong – Tailored


For Bromelin HR Consulting’s brand identity, the design concept revolves around the hexagon, symbolizing strength and efficiency. The hexagons are arranged to form a simple yet powerful representation of two people, which reflects the company’s focus on shaping and training individuals to become their best selves within the workplace. This design effectively communicates the company’s commitment to HR consulting and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

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